Advanced Feminine Rejuvenation

The feminine frontier. Advanced rejuvenation.

It's not just about your vagina. Vaginal health and function are central to all things pelvic: from bladder control to urinary infections, from irritation, dryness, and chafing to pelvic pain, from vaginal laxity to labial prominence, and yes... sexual function and enjoyment!

Making life better

It's also not just age. Stretching from pregnancy and childbirth, and tissue laxity from hormonal changes that begin in the 30s affect pelvic function (and life enjoyment) decades earlier than women expect. It's especially disheartening if you think there's nothing you can do to "get it back."

RegenCen is on the vanguard of the newest, most state-of-the-art solutions for all your regenerative, feminine, and sexual needs, and we're proud to offer our wide range of procedures to address these needs.

Here are some examples to spark your interest:

VAGINAL REJUVENATION – Our RF energy platforms (ThermiVa and Votiva, and new Morpheus-V) are the go-to treatments for general vaginal health, stimulating new collagen, elastin, and blood supply to normalize membrane function (lubrication, resiliency, sensation). That of course has a dramatic effect on general vaginal moisture and well-being, but most clients also report improved bladder control and sexual enjoyment as well!

ENHANCING SEXUAL FUNCTION & ENJOYMENT – Whether we use platelet-rich fibrin injections (the Oh! Shot) or another device or technique, enhancing tissue function in the outer vaginal area simultaneously supports the urethra, improving bladder control.

BLADDER CONTROL – Our newest solution for stress incontinence (V-Tone) uses electro stimulation to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor (think super-Kegels without the effort). Stress incontinence and urinary urgency are both much improved, but simultaneous vaginal muscular enhancement also improves tightness and orgasmic intensity.

LABIAL AESTHETICS – As shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal become almost universal, there’s more focus on labial appearance than ever before. Vulvar aesthetic solutions (Aviva and Morpheus) firm loose tissue and actually shrink prominent inner labia. Along with enhanced appearance, women are thrilled to report two unexpected advantages: tighter vaginal opening (and all the advantages that implies), and no more chafing or labiaplasty cost!

With all the options, it’s hard to decide where to start isn’t it? Don’t stress – our RegenCen team has you covered, with complimentary consultations to figure out the best options for your specific issues, whether it’s the one you’re thinking of or the ones you didn’t even know you had!

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is the basis of many of our vaginal treatments, and it's highly effective! After just one session, most women notice improved sexual function, lubrication, and bladder control. And after a few treatments, vaginal appearance improves as well. Don’t miss out on this life-changing treatment – we’ve performed over a thousand vaginal rejuvenation treatments and ThermiVa has a 94% thumbs up rating on

At RegenCen, we improve:

  • External vaginal appearance
  • Atrophic vaginitis (dry, thin, irritated membranes)
  • General vulvovaginal skin rejuvenation

Feminine rejuvenation
the Step-by-Step Process


Call or text us at 231.347.7395 to schedule a complimentary consultation with our female Physician Associates. After discussing your concerns and health history, we can decide on an individual modality or combination of modalities to help you achieve your feminine rejuvenation goals.


Many of the treatments have no downtime and sexual activity can be resumed immediately. If we opt for a minimally invasive therapy like nonsurgical labiaplasty with Aviva or Morpheus-V, topical or local anesthetic may be used. You can drive yourself to treatment as there is very little pain during or after treatment.


You may need to abstain from sexual intercourse for a few days, however pain is minimal even after the more aggressive procedures. Many women report immediate improvement in sexual function after the Oh! Shot and Votiva & ThermiVa. V-Tone, Aviva, and Morpheus-V will need some time for results. All treatments rely on your own body’s healing process and best results are felt and seen in 3-6 months.

We advise women to maintain their initial results with annual maintenance treatments.