PRF injections

Heal and improve function anywhere on the face or body.

PRF injections improve joint mobility, thinning hair, vaginal function and lubrication, sexual arousal and response, erectile dysfunction, and even acne scars with your own regenerative growth factors extracted from a simple in-office blood draw.

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What are PRF injections?

What are PRF injections?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is the second generation of platelet therapy. It essentially “youthifies” any place we inject it, from thinning hair to ED to painful joints to scars. Platelets are full of growth factors which turn on dormant tissues and make them function like they used. They also attract stem cells that create brand new tissue and develop new blood vessel growth.

PRF is harvested in the same way PRP (platelet-rich plasma) was harvested: with a simple in office blood draw. Unlike PRP, PRF stays in the area injected for a number of days, allowing a better and longer-lasting result.

PRF can be used for:

  • sexual rejuvenation
  • erectile dysfunction
  • improved bladder control
  • hair loss
  • osteoarthritis and joint pain
  • tendinitis
  • scars and skin rejuvenation

We can discuss your specific areas at your complimentary consultation.

Simple in-office blood draw

Injected or infused
nearly anywhere on the body

Natural treatment for common aging conditions

Safe and natural

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Platelet Therapy

How do PRF injections work?

Once we decide the areas to inject and conditions to treat with your PRF, we draw your blood and spin it in a specialized in-office centrifuge. Within about 15 minutes, we have your own PRF. Once injected, PRF releases growth factors which turn on dormant cells and attract stem cells to grow new tissue.

Fun fact: Dr. Gustav Lo has been performing platelet injections for regenerative purposes since 2005.

When do I see results from PRF injections?

When PRF is injected for a natural and regenerative scar treatment, the results are partially visible immediately and they continue to improve for 4-6 weeks. We repeat platelet injections at 4 weeks for more improvement.

Medical studies show improvement for over a year for many conditions including scarring, osteoarthritis, and hair loss.



Pros and Cons of PRF & PRP

✔ Pros

  • longer-lasting than PRP
  • superior results to PRP
  • natural product
  • quick with minimal recovery
  • awakens dormant cells
  • long-lasting results

✗ Cons

  • temporary swelling and/or soreness
  • temporary bruising
  • gradual results

PRF & PRP Injection Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common regenerative medical treatments with PRF?

Many patients treat multiple complaints with PRF injections (ex. joints and hair) or they treat multiple joints on the same day.

Why is PRF superior to PRP?

The PRF product is spun at a lower speed so that the layers of the blood do not separate out as much. This allows white blood cells and stem cells to remain within the platelet layer that is collected for treatment. Thus, there are more healing factors within PRF, the lower spin speed allows more stem cells to remain in the final PRF product, and the PRF is gel-like so it stays in the area for a longer time.

Will PRF help a dent from a steroid injection in an acne cyst?

Yes, this is one of our favorite concerns to correct. We have improved the appearance of scars and indentations to nearly invisible and the results oftentimes last years.

What is the difference between PRF and PRP?

Both are platelet products from your own blood that we get from a simple blood draw. PRF is spun differently in a specialized centrifuge so the product turns to a gel or fibrin matrix. It stays where it is injected for longer to recruit more growth factors and get a better response – and better results.

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