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courtney lo dr lo

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine, healthspan, wellness and anti-aging medicine. They’re all different ways of saying the same thing: putting a name to the growing field of medicine and science that seeks to get our bodies to behave more youthfully for a really long time – each and every living cell we have. And we aren’t just trying to stretch out a few more years of life. Regenerative medicine extends your healthspan, not just your lifespan.

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About Dr. Gustav Lo, MD and RegenCen

Dr. Gustav Lo was a Primary Care Physician in northern Michigan for 30 years. He is the Medical Director for RegenCen and the Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center. In addition to being known as the area’s premier diagnostic Physician, he was the regional leader in regenerative medicine.

In his 3 primary care and urgent care practices, he advanced from cortisone joint injections to ultrasound-guided PRP injections in his primary care practice in the early 2000s. He’s injected thousands of patients with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for arthritic pain, tendinitis, stiff knees and hips, and other joint and tendon injuries. In 2016, he advanced to PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) injections which was shown to offer longer lasting results.

He’s offered hormone replacement therapy and ED treatment his entire career. In 2017, he and his team were certified by Dr. Charles Runels PRP training program on P-Shot® and O-Shot®. He led his team to quickly advance to PRF for ED and sexual enjoyment.

In 2022, he’s expanded the practice to Naples, FL with an extension office in Boca Grande, FL on Gasparilla Island to be able to serve existing and new patients.

What our clients are saying

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PRF & PRP injections

Platelet therapy is similar in some ways to stem cell therapy but is much less costly and is becoming the “work horse” of regenerative medicine.

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections stimulate new youthful cells to repair joints, ligaments and tendons and relieve pain and stiffness like a cortisone shot. PRF injections help plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and osteoarthritis.

PRF injections also work well for ED treatment, improving female orgasms, scar treatment, and hair loss. This clinically proven treatment modality comes from your own blood, and only takes about 30 minutes for a treatment in office. And results last about a year.


Regenerative Treatments

Modern medical devices use combinations of radiofrequency energy and electronic muscle stimulation to strengthen and rebuild aging or injured muscles, skin and other soft tissues.  This is most effective for vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

We use the most advanced technology, the InMode Empower for vaginal rejuvenation.

The Empower Vtone reverses pelvic floor weakness. Strengthen pelvic floor muscles commonly weakened with childbirth or age for better urinary control and sexual enjoyment.

FormaV and Morpheus8V stimulate new collagen and blood flow in the vagina for more natural vaginal lubrication, better elasticity and resiliency and improved vaginal appearance.


Hormone Replacement

Hormones play a vital role in health and wellbeing and as part of the normal aging process, our body’s hormonal function slowly declines. We see men and women with low testosterone in their 30s and 40s!

At RegenCen in Petoskey, Traverse City, and Naples, with an extension location in Boca Grande, we offer hormonal testing and bioidentical hormonal pellets and are certified by Biote. Say goodbye to low T and low energy! After hormone replacement, patients report better mood and motivation, improved mental clarity, more energy, better muscle mass and bone density, and improved libido and sexual enjoyment.

But it’s the silent benefits that are most exciting. See our hormone optimization page for more information.

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Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge. That’s why we offer prescription-based medications, bioidentical hormone therapy and monitoring, effective in-office treatments, and professional guidance for a tiered and customized program aimed at getting you to your goal weight, keeping you there, and making you your healthiest you. Your customized program may include some of these options: Bioidentical hormone replacement with Biote pellets, NAD+ injections, a pill form semaglutide prescription (Rybelsus), Skinny Shot+, NAD+ IVs, hormone therapy, testosterone replacement, or B12 injections.

“If I made it to 80 and someone said, ‘You can have an extra ten years,’ if I could go, ‘Oh, great, I’ll have 20 to 30 again,’ that’d be perfect, but, no, you gotta have 80 to 90. The s**t ten years.”
– Ricky Gervais, comedian

The goal is to escape this tradeoff. Regenerative medicine hasn’t been around long enough to prove it actually lengthens lifespans, but regenerative treatments and bioidentical hormone replacement certainly keep you healthier and feeling younger for longer – growing older in a younger, healthier body.


Advancements are ongoing in regenerative medicine.

As regenerative medicine continues to advance, Dr. Gustav Lo and his team are dedicated to ongoing education and bringing exciting, scientifically proven treatments for those who want to feel better at every stage of life.

At RegenCen, we treat some of the biggest impediments to living well after 50 – arthritis and other joint and tendon condition, declining sex drive and function, menopausal vaginal and bladder dysfunction and pain… the list goes on.

Regenerative medicine addresses many medical specialties including Urology (bladder control, urgency, frequency, and leaking for women and erection function and prostate health in men), Orthopedics (arthritis, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pain and many others), Endocrinology (menopause in women, andropause in men), and Gynecology (vaginal membrane dysfunction, declining sexual function and enjoyment, menopause). These conditions have two things in common: all of us will experience them, and all of them are treatable with regenerative medical treatments and no drugs.

Regenerative medicine will continue to grow and so will our treatments. RegenCen focuses on treating conditions well proven to respond to treatments.

REcover – REinvigorate – REjuvenate – REgenerate


Call 231.347.7395 or book online for a consultation, bioidentical hormone replacement, medical weight loss, testosterone pellets, regenerative treatments, NAD+, IV infusions, the Skinny Shot, vitamin shots, and platelet therapy.

At RegenCen, we’re here to help you age more easily. Which of our treatments work for you? Let’s find out.

We have locations in Petoskey and Traverse City, MI and Naples and Boca Grande, FL.


Regenerative Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best regenerative treatments?

1. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the foundation of regenerative medicine. Hormone levels drop with age. By age 55, testosterone is about half what is was in men in their 20’s; it’s worse in women - 80% lower than young normal levels! These low levels have major health consequences. Over 75% the improvement listed above can be achieved just with BHRT. 

2. NAD+, a crucial coenzyme for energy production in our cells, also drops by 50% in middle age. With less NAD+, there is simply less fuel available to burn, so our bodies slow down. I liken it to a car that has 8 cylinders when it’s 20 years old, but by the time it’s 50, it’s running on 4 cylinders - the engine is weak, it has a hard time going uphill, and passing is sometimes impossible. NAD+ opens up those other 4 cylinders, making more energy by burning more fuel. That V-8 is great for our bodies because we want to burn more fuel to get rid of excess calories and fat. More than that, NAD+ supplementation is proven to rev up fading function in the liver, muscle, and your brain - who going to say no to that?

3. PRF injections for joint regeneration is one of the most well-studied regenerative treatments available, with research consistently showing 75% response rate in osteoarthritis with this simple, in-office procedure. It’s called the “poor man’s stem cells” because it’s simpler and much less costly than stem cell treatment with nearly the same success rate. In my practice, it’s the most effective non-surgical treatment for arthritis I’ve ever used, and that includes steroids or cortisone shots.

4. Vaginal rejuvenation and bladder control are frustrating issues - virtually every woman can benefit from these treatments at some point, but nobody ever wants to talk about them! Well, welcome to RegenCen, where we talk about them A LOT. Vaginal and pelvic tissues have many different functions, but everything from childbirth to birth control pills to menopause gets in the way of normal function. Women put up with dryness, irritation, pain, they let their sexuality fade away, they plan their day based on the chain of restrooms they have to visit… all because they don’t know effective treatment is available for all these problems. Most of the time, their doctors don’t know either. But at RegenCen, we do know - and we actually want to talk with you about it.  

5. Prescription treatments for circulatory issues - this is probably the only category that we can say helps patients liver longer. Whether non-prescription supplements or widely used prescription circulation enhancers like tadalafil (Cialis) or ARB-inhibitors (valsartan, telmisartan, or anything else ending with -sartan), any treatment that improves blood flow to our tissues also lowers blood pressure and wear and tear on our circulatory system, lowering risks of heart attack and stroke. We don’t prescribe these specifically to treat high blood pressure, but it’s a nice benefit.

6. Weight loss treatments go hand-in-hand with many regenerative therapies. Most of our bioidentical hormone replacement patients lose weight (or lose fat and gain muscle). But for patients whose main goal is weight loss, we offer a weight loss program that we can tell you about at your complimentary consultation. Our program includes multiple treatments to help you lose weight and manage your weight as time goes on.

What is a regenerative medical practice?

Regenerative medicine is a medical specialty focused on healing conditions that occur mainly from aging, but there is crossover with health problems from lifestyle or injury. Regenerative medical treatments promote new tissue growth, blood flow, nerve function, and general sense of vitality and energy. Regenerative practices employ a variety of proven therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, platelet-rich fibrin, radiofrequency devices, EMS, and hormone replacement therapy to achieve these results. By stimulating your body to grow new cells or reactivate dormant ones, regenerative medicine can help you regain lost physical functions.

How do regenerative treatments differ from regular medicine?
Medicine has always been based on treating disease or injury, which only affect some of us. Regenerative medicine treats age-related conditions that eventually affect all of us. Think of it this way: when we’re young and our bodies are functioning at their at their best, everything works like it’s supposed to. When cells are damaged (an injury, for example), the body heals or regenerates old or damaged tissue to return to normal. But as we age, those regenerative abilities fade; old or damaged cells aren’t replaced, so physical abilities in our muscles, joints, nerves, and other organ systems fade.  Regenerative treatments were developed and studied to combat the biology of aging and awaken your body’s ability to regrow cells and tissues and return to more youthful function.
One of the best comparisons between conventional and regenerative medicine is arthritis. If you have an arthritic knee and you get a "cortisone shot" or take Aleve, your pain feels better because those drugs calm down the inflammation and pain from arthritis. With a PRF injection, your body uses growth factors from your own blood to stimulate regrowth of critical parts of the joint such as cartilage, ligament, and even bone. Revitalized tissues heal the joint so it functions properly, which then gets rid of the inflammation. With that healing, results last much longer, without the risks of a cortisone shot.
Do I still see my primary care physician or surgeon when I come to RegenCen?
Absolutely. Our treatments complement traditional medicine. Regenerative treatments can be done anytime. They work independently and they virtually never interfere with conventional drugs or treatments, and often boost the results you're getting from those other treatments.
Regenerative treatments are targeted toward specific complaints. We currently have highly effective treatments for arthritis, urinary function and control, and sexual health for both men and women in both Petoskey and Traverse City.
Examples of changes our patients experience after treatment include:
  • canceling or delaying joint surgery because arthritic pain is gone
  • no longer taking anti-inflammatory drugs for pain because the joint pain and range of motion is better
  • improved erections without prescription drugs like Viagra
  • no longer needing panty-liners or feminine pads because bladder leakage is gone
  • better sleep due to less nighttime urination
  • enjoying intercourse because of better natural vaginal lubrication
Why is regenerative medicine so popular?
These breakthrough treatments are life-changing! There are solutions for conditions you thought you had to live with now that you’re “older.” These annoyances build up over time and when you take away a few of them, quality of life is so much better. Our parents' generation accepted these conditions as “part of aging,” but our generation has solutions and we are happy to offer these regenerative treatments in Northern Michigan. The excitement is hard to contain!

Imagine the difference if:

  • Your joints moved easily enough that you could walk up and down stairs, or write and text without pain.
  • You could be active with tennis or golf one day and have no pain the next.
  • Ladies – if your overactive bladder would calm down and you could sleep for more than a couple hours.
  • … Or you could sneeze, laugh, and exercise without leaking.
  • Sex just worked like it used to (yes, for both of you!).
Will regenerative treatments replace my prescription medication?

Sometimes. Many of our patients proudly tell us they no longer have to rely on medicine for joint pain and stiffness, or are happy to be rid of side effects from bladder control drugs they no longer need. But it depends on the condition, whether it’s new or long-term, and how well your body heals itself in response to regenerative treatment.

What are some examples of what patients say after regenerative treatment?
  • “My prescription medication and cortisone shots help but I still couldn’t stand for a long time or give a good handshake without pain. And my doctor said I shouldn’t do anymore cortisone. After three PRF shots at RegenCen, I can move around like I’m 10 years younger and they last way longer than 2 months.”
  • “I tried medication for my bladder but it didn’t do anything. I did this MorpheusV thinking what do I have to lose and it worked! I really can’t believe it.”
  • “I was making the sex work because I love my husband but now I’m actually enjoying it again. FormaV made my vaginal dryness so much better. It’s more comfortable to start and I have good orgasms again.”
  • “The blue pill helps my erections but the PRF erection shot (the advanced P-shot or Priapus shot) made my erections more frequent, harder and longer lasting. It’s such a relief. I even get a morning woody.”
  • “I had breast cancer and went through immediate menopause. After I knew I was going to live, I wanted to feel better and hormones weren’t an option for me. RegenCen in Petoskey got everything working and feeling good down there -so grateful for modern medicine.”
  • “I’m 75 and I’m ok with some wrinkles and as a woman, I’m just not ok with all of this hair thinning. Thanks to RegenCen in Traverse City, I have better hair and more confidence.”
Is regenerative medicine new?
No. regenerative medicine has been around for decades, but isolated in different fields. Orthopedists have used PRF injections to heal joints and tendons since the 1990s; dentists started even earlier.
We’ve practiced regenerative medicine for years in a limited way. However, technology and medical advancements have expanded the conditions we treat and the results we achieve dramatically. So we opened a new division within Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center called RegenCen in Petoskey and Traverse City. And it will continue to advance and we will continue to offer more treatments.
Is regenerative medicine safe?
Regenerative treatments have a nearly perfect safety record, with very few side effects. This is one of its greatest advantages compared to conventional medical treatment.
Dr. Gustav Lo, MD, is a family physician who practiced primary and urgent care for 30 years, operating a group of clinics with over 40,000 patient visits a year. He’s a natural skeptic, an avid reader of medical research, and a believer in the advancement of medicine. We guarantee that all of our treatments are backed by solid medical research. If we don’t do a treatment you’ve heard about and it’s in our realm, it could be “the research just isn’t there yet.” We won’t risk your safety, money or time.
Are treatments covered by insurance?

No. Surprised? And we will spare you all the reasons.

What conditions do you treat?
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis
  • Urge incontinence
  • Stress incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Menopausal dryness
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Thinning hair
  • Dry eye
Regenerative treatments are broad. Specialists use PRF in dental work, diabetic ulcers, and wound care. Our treatments are focused on problems everyone must face: primary care regenerative conditions.
How long do regenerative treatments last?

Most treatments last for about a year and then maintenance treatments for osteoarthritis, sexual function, bladder control, vaginal atrophy, and hair loss are scheduled in either our Traverse City, Petoskey, or Naples office annually.

Why did you open RegenCen?

Easy question. Dr. Gustav Lo is passionate about being ahead of the curve but most importantly helping people feel better. This was a natural progression. We’ve been offering feminine rejuvenation and PRF in Petoskey and Traverse City at Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center since 2017 and opened our Naples office in 2022. As regenerative treatments have evolved so has our practice. It made sense to create a separate division.

Are you a concierge physician?
Concierge physicians are primary care physicians. Dr. Lo has 30 years of experience in primary care but now his practice is exclusively regenerative. We offer similar conveniences as a concierge physician but we recommend our patients continue with their concierge physician as primary care provider. Many concierge physicians refer to us since concierge patients tend to be focused on optimal health.