Beat the blahs and bring back your drive with testosterone replacement.

testosterone replacement therapy for men (TRT)
testosterone replacement therapy for men

Brain fog, lethargy, and depression shouldn’t be considered “normal” signs of aging in men.

Brain fog, lethargy, and depression shouldn’t be considered “normal” signs of aging in men.

Decreased energy? Lack of motivation? Weight gain? Lower sex drive? Anxiety? It may not be something you have to “live with” as part of aging. Many men get told that by their general practitioners and Gustav Lo, MD, (RegenCen’s Medical Director) thinks that’s a huge disservice to a man’s quality of life. Getting older shouldn’t have to mean giving up your vitality, drive, and oomph in life.

Testosterone therapy (read on for our low-maintenance hormone pellet method that keeps you out of clinics and away from weekly shots) isn’t just about being jacked or some kind of sexual superman. It’s about aging well and feeling like you used to.

Safe and effective, treating low T with testosterone pellets is a significant game changer for any man who wants to live life as optimally as possible. 

Testosterone Hormone Therapy for Men Improves:





Fat Loss




Muscle Mass

Sex Drive

Male Hormone Replacement

Say goodbye to 5 cups of coffee just to get through the day.

Starting around age 30, testosterone steadily decreases in men, year after year, and by the time a man is in his 50s, his T levels are about half what they were in early adulthood – this is known as “Low T.” And it’s not just age – modern work culture, environment, and stress all contribute to lowered testosterone hormones.

Men often experience this testosterone decline gradually, chalking up the symptoms to aging. Caffeine and sleeping pills are often used to combat issues like sluggishness, brain fog, and insomnia, but those are just band-aids that don’t address a common underlying cause: suboptimal testosterone levels.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women (BHRT)
low T

When everything from losing fat to losing your patience feels like an everyday struggle, bioidentical testosterone pellets can help you feel good about life again.

Until now, you might not have even noticed little issues creeping up on you – like looking for car keys that you’re already holding in your hand. So many men tell us they didn’t realize how bad their symptoms were until after their testosterone levels were normal again on hormone pellets. After hormone pellets it dawns on them – their moods are improved, their erections and libido are back – even building muscle and losing fat gets easier.

If you’re sluggish or feeling blah, if your motivation is almost nonexistent, and some days life feels like it’s living you instead of you thriving in it, there’s a good chance your testosterone levels aren’t optimal – you may have what is referred to as low T and a little bit of help is in order.

The “normal testosterone range” is a big lie.

Go to most primary care doctors or endocrinologists, get your Testosterone tested, and unless your results are in the laughably low levels (below the “normal reference range”), chances are you’ll be told something like “you’re in range and a little depressed but otherwise fine.” And if you’re lucky enough to be offered testosterone replacement, it will be with testosterone gels or testosterone injections which are inconvenient and less reliable than testosterone pellets.

Here’s Dr. Gustav Lo’s BS-free take on those testosterone lab ranges: “Even though the low end of the range is considered ‘normal,’ it includes the T levels for men in their 80s!” That’s the way “normal” lab ranges are determined, and it won’t change. “But just because it’s ‘normal’ for your testosterone to be cut in half by the time you’re 55 doesn’t mean it’s good.”

Primary care doctors treat a variety of patients and give generalized advice around diet and exercise. Too many endocrinologists are great at treating diabetes, and haven’t kept up with recent medical science advancements and research around hormones in general, particularly testosterone.

Safely optimize your testosterone levels with easy pellets.

It’s insulting to be told it’s all in your head, or to just deal with it because it’s “life after 40.” You shouldn’t have to settle for the near-non-existent testosterone levels of an 85-year-old man as “normal.” At RegenCen, you’ll meet directly with Gustav Lo, MD, who prefers one-on-one, male-to-male discussions to encourage openness about your symptoms. We’ll also draw your blood to get your testosterone level right in the office and check other important blood values.

Once we know your current testosterone level, we prepare a testosterone pellet dose appropriately to return your low T to optimal levels without overdoing it. Tic-Tac sized, hormone pellets go right under your skin and take about 5 minutes every 5 or 6 months.

Compared to twice weekly testosterone shots (which hurt) or testosterone gels that rub off on someone else (and are unpredictably absorbed), testosterone pellets are the preferred method of delivering T to men who want to feel better.

We use Biote testosterone pellets in Petoskey, Traverse City, and Naples to replace your testosterone levels to where they were a few years ago – not to the unnaturally high levels of athletes who abuse it. No, you’re not doomed to feeling lethargic for the rest of your life. Boost your energy, memory, strength, and sex drive when you rebalance your testosterone with Biote testosterone pellets.

No, you’re not doomed to feeling lethargic for the rest of your life. Boost your energy, memory, strength, and sex drive when you rebalance your testosterone with Biote testosterone pellets.

There’s an epidemic of men with low T, so it’s no wonder male hormone replacement is one of our highest satisfaction treatments at RegenCen.

Testosterone affects so much more than just your sex drive. It regulates everything from sleep, bone density, memory and cognition to overall physical energy. With optimized T levels, both erections and exercise are easier. Your outlook improves. You sleep like a log, and it’s easier to focus and deal with everyday life.

Bioidentical hormone pellets in Petoskey, Traverse City, and Naples are offered at our RegenCen offices.

Isn’t it time to feel like you used to?

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