Atrophic vaginitis: help without hormones.

Atrophic vaginitis and overall feminine rejuvenation – moderate symptoms

Morpheus-V is an advanced RF microneedling technology targeting deep skin layers to remodel collagen and stimulate regrowth of new, healthier tissue, effectively morphing and contouring aging skin. In addition to tightening, one of it’s main uses is treating atrophic vaginitis, which is general thinning and breakdown of vaginal membrane function due to low estrogen. Patients often describe a dry or gritty sensation, and sometimes constant irritation. Morpheus-V’s unique tissue remodeling thickens and restores membrane function safely and non-hormonally. Resurfacing the external vulvar and labia tissues improves texture, skin laxity and fades hyperpigmentation for overall aesthetics improvement.

Morpheus-V improves:

  • External vaginal appearance
  • Atrophic vaginitis (dry, thin, irritated membranes)
  • General vulvovaginal laxity

the Step-by-Step Process


After a complimentary consultation with one of our providers, we’ll develop a women’s wellness plan with you. If Morpheus-V is part of that plan, no preparation is needed (most schedule treatment when they are not menstruating).


After topical anesthetic, the RF microneedling is performed, and you may feel a hot or prickly sensation. The treatment takes about 20 minutes.


We recommend you refrain from intercourse, pelvic exams and the use of tampons and a thin layer of Vaseline will be recommended after treatment for 2-3 days. For best results a series of 3 treatments is recommended, with annual maintenance treatments thereafter. Results take time – most patients feel better and notice visual improvement in about 6 weeks.

We advise women to maintain their initial results with annual maintenance treatments.