The Oh! Shot: an injection that boosts sexual enjoyment and improves urinary incontinence

Boost your bedroom enjoyment.

Looking for an easy way to increase sexual arousal and rejuvenate the vagina? This game-changing, 30-minute, 100% natural PRF injection increases sensitivity of the clitoris and G-spot area, boosts sexual enjoyment, and results in stronger, better orgasms, increased lubrication, and decreased stress incontinence.

The Oh! Shot rejuvenates the clitoral region and surrounding vaginal area in women of all ages.

Women in every decade of life – from early 20s to late 80s – have difficulty reaching orgasm. Studies show orgasmic dysfunction affects between 11-41% of women worldwide, and changes in sexual desire and responsiveness are common after hormonal changes from menopause and childbirth.

For too long a woman's only solutions to waning sexual satisfaction and sensitivity were limited to sex toys, over-the-counter lubricants, and therapy. The Oh! Shot finally brings a scientific, medically proven treatment to improve a woman's sexual health.

The Oh! Shot promotes new youthful tissue growth. Just like platelet-rich fibrin stimulates collagen in aging faces, the Oh! Shot uses the same science to increase blood flow and nerve sensation and is a game changer for any woman who wants a more satisfying and comfortable daily life. It comes from a patient’s own blood, and is fast, painless, and safe.

At RegenCen, our priority is helping our patients regain the robust and healthy energy of their youth. We believe that everyone has the right to feel his or her best, no matter what age – and that includes enjoying an active and healthy sex life.

What are the signs and symptoms of female sexual dysfunction?

For women over 40, declining estrogen and collagen affect clitoral and vaginal tissue response. If you feel less aroused and sensitive than you were in your youth, it's not just in your head. It takes more effort to orgasm and the ones you do have often feel weaker. Equally frustrating is the loss of lubrication as you age, leading to painful intercourse and an everyday sandy feeling in and around your vagina.

Symptoms of FSD include:

  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Decreased lubrication
  • Painful intercourse
  • Loss of libido
  • Inability or difficulty to achieve orgasm

Benefits of OH! SHOT:

  • Reduction in vaginal dryness
  • Improvement in urinary continence
  • Enhanced sexual comfort and pleasure
  • Increased clitoral sensitivity and arousal
  • More intense and frequent orgasms
  • Increased sex drive

The Oh! Shot
the step-by-step process


There is very little preparation needed for an Oh! Shot. In an initial consultation with one of our female Physician Associates, either in our Petoskey or Traverse City office, she'll make sure the treatment is right for you, and also discuss your health history, so bring a list of current medications and any other health conditions you're being medically treated for.


On the day of treatment, come to the office well hydrated for an easier blood draw. We will start the process by applying topical anesthetic to your clitoris and surrounding vaginal tissue to make the subsequent injection of local anesthetic completely painless. Then we will draw your blood to prepare the PRF for injection. While the PRF is being prepared, local anesthetic will be injected, which makes the PRF injection pain-free.

You will have injections to the clitoris and upper vaginal region. When finished, you can dress and get ready to leave. Our office will coordinate a time for a follow-up visit. Most patients feel more aroused and improvements in stress incontinence almost immediately. It takes a couple of weeks to feel the full results of improved clitoral and vaginal sensitivity and increased lubrication. Oh! Shot shows improvement with one injection and more results with a series of 3.


There are no other restrictions, and you can resume all normal activities (including sex) immediately.

How does the Oh! Shot at RegenCen work?

For complete pelvic and vaginal rejuvenation, the Oh! Shot is often used in conjunction radiofrequency treatments like FormaV / ThermiVa or MorpheusV for more youthful, firmer, plumper tissues or with VTone electronic muscle stimulation technology to strengthen the surrounding muscles. These hormone-free treatments combined transform sexual health and vaginal comfort and are especially requested by women who have had premature menopause from cancer treatments or surgery and are unable to take hormone therapy.

At RegenCen in Petoskey and Traverse City, we know that you are tired of sexual health treatments that are long on promises and short on delivery! That is why we offer our patients only the best in evidence-based sexual health services, and we’re proud to offer drug and surgery-free treatments.


"Most patients feel almost immediate improvement in arousal in a few weeks. You can see and feel the full results in a few months." - Amanda Greene, PA-C