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Vaginal dryness and painful sex –
it doesn’t have to be your normal

FormaV (formerly known as Votiva) gently uses radiofrequency heat internally on the vaginal tissue and externally on the labia to encourage new collagen and blood flow. After 3-6 gentle, pain-free treatments, vaginal membranes are firmer and restored. And patients report significant improvement in vaginal dryness.

courtney lo vaginal dryness
courtney lo vaginal dryness

FormaV rebuilds collagen and elastin.

FormaV rebuilds collagen and elastin.

With aging and hormonal changes, collagen is lost in the vaginal area just like the thin skin around your eyes or on your neck or face. When collagen cushioning is lost, the vaginal membranes become thin and dry, leading to pain or bleeding with intercourse, a “sandy feeling” or irritated vagina and a change in the appearance of the labia.

With a FormaV treatment, your provider gently heats the external and internal vaginal tissue, instantly firming the area. Over the next few weeks, your body produces more collagen in the treatment area. After 3 sessions, most women report almost complete resolution of vaginal dryness and a return of firmer, healthier surface.

FormaV also improves mild stress incontinence and labial laxity. At RegenCen, FormaV is our go to hormone-free treatment for vaginal dryness. It’s effective during peri-menopause, after menopause, and even after breast cancer treatment.

FormaV is also used by many women as a treatment to maintain their vaginal appearance and function. A series of treatments improves vaginal moisture and reduces the appearance of prominent labia (for the most dramatic nonsurgical treatment to shrink enlarged labia, consider our Aviva treatment).

There is no pain and no downtime after FormaV (Votiva) or the first generation treatment, ThermiVa.

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FormaV Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments

How FormaV / Votiva works

FormaV is a pain-free, in-office procedure and requires no prior preparation. With a single-use wand about the size of a small tampon,topical radiofrequency heat to the internal vaginal walls and external labia. This stimulates tissue remodeling and new collagen, allowing the skin to expand and contract comfortably, giving results you can both see and feel. You can leave immediately after treatment and resume all normal activities, including intimacy.

Is FormaV or ThermiVa better for vaginal dryness?

Both are very effective for gentle vaginal rejuvenation and to improve vaginal lubrication. FormaV is a bipolar radiofrequency treatment and ThermiVa is a monopolar radiofrequency treatment.

Although the results seem to be similar, FormaV by InMode is a faster, more convenient vaginal rejuvenation treatment compared to ThermiVa. It is our go-to choice for gentle, effective vaginal rejuvenation.

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Do FormaV and ThermiVa RF vaginal rejuvenation treatments work?

Is it worth it? 94% of women on RealSelf say, “Yes!” RF vaginal rejuvenation has been awarded THE MOST WORTH IT treatment. There is no downtime, no pain, and no side effects. Feminine rejuvenation can help treat vaginal issues that are present and also prevent those yet to come.

FormaV (Votiva) and ThermiVa help with:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loose or stretched vaginal tissue (including both after childbirth or due to aging)
  • “Sandy” feeling vagina
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Stress incontinence
  • Thinning of internal and external vaginal membranes
  • Decreased vaginal sensitivity

Radiofrequency Feminine Rejuvenation
A Step-by-Step Guide to FormaV

Before Treatment

FormaV requires no prior preparation. It is preferable if you aren’t menstruating.

You will have a vaginal rejuvenation consultation with a RegenCen provider to assess your vaginal issues and symptoms and make sure this is the best treatment for you (we have 7 nonsurgical options for vaginal restoration and rejuvenation).

FormaV is offered in Naples, Petoskey and Traverse City.

Day of Treatment
After Treatment

FormaV (Votiva, ThermiVa) Frequently Asked Questions

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