Bladder Control Problems Underestimated?

Embarrassing medical conditions are particularly frustrating because people feel like discussing it is taboo. And when they can’t talk about it, they feel very isolated. Then they feel both embarrassed AND alone, which makes them clam up about it even more. It should be no surprise then that the number of women with of bladder control problems is grossly underestimated.

A recent study in followed nurses for almost 20 years through their lives, keeping track of a variety of medical conditions by both physical exams and questionnaires. “For me, the biggest takeaway of this study was the huge percentage of women who are having symptoms of all the different types of [urinary] incontinence,” says Stephanie S. Faubion, MD, the director of the Center for Women’s Health at the Mayo Clinic, and the medical director of The North American Menopause Society. In some age groups, bladder control problems affected over 30%! “That’s a huge percentage of women,” she says.

We find this very much mirrors our own experience with clients in Northern Michigan. When we first began offering bladder control solutions, we just started asking the questions: do you leak when you cough? When you laugh? When you exercise? How often do you have to go the the bathroom? And boy, did we hear it from you – all of you!

So our message to you today is that you’re really not alone, and It’s not taboo to talk with us about it – tell us your bladder problems, and we’ll tell you about our solutions, because all of us over 40 have already had the treatments! (P.S. they’re easy, and they work).