Trending: Feminine Rejuvenation

trending: feminine rejuvenation

What exactly is it? In polite language, vague terms like “feminine rejuvenation” really just mean improving or reversing pelvic problems that occur with women throughout life. The medical reality is that difficulties with vaginal function, sexual health, and bladder control affect almost all women at some point. Really? Almost all women? Absolutely. Any woman who’s…

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The most common problem you’ve never heard of: GSM

GSM (genitourinary syndrome of menopause) affects women after menopause as the pelvic structures weaken with lost estrogen. Estrogen maintains healthy vaginal membranes, pelvic floors, and bladders. With estrogen gone, those tissues weaken and lose their normal function, leading to dryness, irritation, difficult or painful sex, and low sex drive. Vaginal problems plus weakening of the…

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Bladder Control Problems Underestimated?

Embarrassing medical conditions are particularly frustrating because people feel like discussing it is taboo. And when they can’t talk about it, they feel very isolated. Then they feel both embarrassed AND alone, which makes them clam up about it even more. It should be no surprise then that the number of women with of bladder…

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