Will vaginal rejuvenation work for me?

Vaginal Rejuvenation Quiz

Bladder control...dryness...intimate pleasure or comfort...these issues tend to make women clam up. But having pelvic floor issues is not only completely normal with age, pre or post-menopause or post-childbirth - it's common! Count your number of YES's to the quiz below and bring them up with your expert RegenCen provider. We're women. We've been there and we have solutions to these concerns.

Bladder Control Treatments at RegenCen
Bladder Control Treatments at RegenCen

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is any treatment improves vaginal appearance or function. Women get vaginal rejuvenation treatments to maintain vaginal firmness and lubrication or to restore the vagina after menopause or natural childbirth.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments continue to improve. The InMode vaginal rejuvenation Empower platform is the best yet. This platform has 4 different treatments. Vtone is an electrical muscle stimulating treatment to retrain pelvic floor muscles, FormaV is the next generation Thermiva that improves tissue integrity and dryness with gentle RF heat, 

Morpheus8V is the ultimate rejuvenation treatment for firming and collagen stimulation (and excellent results for stress and urge incontinence and overactive bladder). Aviva is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical labiaplasty that shrinks labia by 30%.

When it comes to helping women orgasm, the all-natural Oh! Shot, the 2nd generation O-Shot® rejuvenates the clitoris with your body's own superpower - PRF (platelet-rich fibrin). The Oh! Shot can be given simultaneously with the Empower treatments.


Will Vaginal Rejuvenation help me? Let's find out!

Cross your legs when you sneeze or laugh?
Wear a pantyliner just in case?
Get up in the night multiple times to pee?
Experience vaginal dryness or irritation?
Suffer from chronic vaginal infections?
Have less frequent / fewer orgasms?
Have difficulty achieving an orgasm?
Looking for improved libido


Answer “YES” to any or all of these? We can help!

Should I get vaginal rejuvenation?

The short answer is that everyone can benefit from vaginal rejuvenation. Our clientele use these exact same treatments to maintain collagen and elasticity on the face and neck for appearance. Although FormaV and MorpheusV vaginal treatments improve appearance by firming and smoothing the labia, the primary goal with most of the vaginal rejuvenation treatments is to have healthy, comfortable vaginal sensation and function and good bladder control.

The vagina needs estrogen to stay healthy and functional - maintaining moisture, keeping unhealthy bacterial and yeast at bay, preventing urinary infections, maintaining bladder and urethral control (so you don’t leak!) and estrogen also maintains vaginal membrane thickness for cushioning and support…

And without estrogen, the problem list is so long that they came up with a new, all-encompassing term for it: Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause or GSM.

GSM isn’t one of those “some women” kind of things. 100% of women will get this without treatment. The vagina simply won’t work right when estrogen goes away. Of course, we’re big proponents of bioidentical hormone replacement, but some women don’t want to - or can’t - go that route. That’s why we have options. Our suite of vaginal rejuvenation treatments can either complement or partly stand in for estrogen’s vaginal effects.


You don't have to accept dryness and leakage as "part of aging".