The Top 5 Regenerative Treatments at RegenCen

Dr. Gustav Lo on the top 5 treatments at his regenerative medical practice:


1. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Hands down, bioidentical hormones are the foundation of regenerative medicine. Our hormone levels drop with age. By 55, testosterone is about half what is was in men in their 20s; it’s even worse in women – 80% lower than young normal levels! These low T levels have major health consequences, from reduced energy and motivation to reduced muscle mass, less physical strength and stamina, osteoporosis, and maybe the most important: mental sluggishness and a much higher risk of Alzheimer’s. Did you know that women have 2-3x higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Studies show we can cut that risk in half with testosterone replacement.


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2. NAD+ 

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a crucial coenzyme for generating energy in our cells, and it ALSO drops by 50% in middle age. With less NAD+, there is simply less fuel available to burn, so you run up the stairs and you feel out of breath and your legs burn you say, “Wow, I’m in good shape… why is this?” A lot of it is due to lower NAD+. NAD+ treatments are proven to rev up fading energy and improve function in the liver, muscle, and your brain – plus patients tell me after one of these IVs they feel more energy than they have in years. Who’s gonna to say no to that?


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3. PRF injections for joint regeneration

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin, or 2nd generation, more advanced PRP) injections for joint pain are probably one of the most well-studied regenerative treatments. Research consistently shows a 75% response rate in osteoarthritis with a simple, in-office injection. It’s simpler and much less costly than stem cell treatment with almost the same success rate. In my practice, it’s the most effective arthritis treatment I’ve ever used, to the point where I’ve stopped using everything else.


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4. Vaginal rejuvenation and bladder control treatments

Vaginal dryness and dealing with bladder control are frustrating issues – virtually every woman can benefit from these treatments at some point, but nobody ever wants to talk about them! Well, welcome to RegenCen, where we talk about ‘em – A LOT. Vaginal and pelvic tissues have a lot of  different functions, but everything from childbirth to birth control pills to menopause gets in the way of normal function. SO, women put up with dryness, irritation, pain, they let their sexuality fade away, a lot of women plan their day based on the chain of restrooms they have to visit… all because they don’t know effective treatment is available for all these problems. Most of the time, their doctors don’t know, either. Now at RegenCen, we DO know – and we actually want to talk with you about it and help you find the solution that can change your life.


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5. Weight loss treatments

Treatments for weight loss actually go hand-in-hand with many regenerative therapies. In fact, most of our bioidentical hormone replacement patients lose weight (or… lose fat and gain muscle). But for patients whose main goal is weight loss, we offer a weight loss program that we can tell you about at your complimentary consultation. Our program includes multiple treatments to help you lose weight and manage your weight as time goes on.


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So those are the top 5, and if you’re over 40, I can ALMOST guarantee you could put a checkmark next to one or two of those. So ask your provider about it – nothin’ to lose.


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