Trending: Feminine Rejuvenation

trending: feminine rejuvenation

What exactly is it? In polite language, vague terms like “feminine rejuvenation” really just mean improving or reversing pelvic problems that occur with women throughout life. The medical reality is that difficulties with vaginal function, sexual health, and bladder control affect almost all women at some point. Really? Almost all women? Absolutely. Any woman who’s…

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Percentage of Women with Vaginal Dryness

feminine rejuvenation

Vaginal dryness is surprisingly common at all ages. About 20% of women over 18 have dryness, about 30% suffer through it during the perimenopausal years and most women have dryness after menopause. And it’s not just during intercourse – it can be uncomfortable – irritated, dry, painful all the time like arthritis or other aging…

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Testosterone Replacement for Men

Tiredness. More naps. Lower libido. Less “get up and go.” These are men’s most typical complaints of aging. The funny thing is, they aren’t necessarily from getting older – many are due to declining testosterone or “low T”. It’s not just low testosterone that causes men to feel lousy. DHEA, pregnenalone, and reduced thyroid function…

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