Do all men need testosterone replacement?

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Do I need testosterone replacement?

If you want to be back in the game, yes. (You’ll see what I mean at the end.)

Male testosterone levels peak in the 20’s. Then testosterone levels decrease slowly, bit by bit every year. By the time men reach their 50’s, testosterone blood levels have decreased by about 1/3. By the 60’s, testosterone testing shows testosterone serum levels are 50% lower. Because there isn’t any sudden testosterone loss like there is with testicular surgery, many men don’t notice symptoms of low testosterone until the 60’s when they officially have low-T levels proven by a blood draw.

What is a normal testosterone level? “Normal” testosterone levels vary depending on age; normal testosterone for a young male is 800-1400, and for a 60 year old man it can be 400-700. Just because it’s “normal” for testosterone levels to drop by 50% by the time you’re 55 doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Testosterone medical studies show men who maintain young testosterone levels see and feel very real health benefits. At Regencen, our goal is to replace testosterone to reach young – normal levels, because that’s when men feel their best and seem to be healthiest.

Is testosterone a “sex hormone?” Yes, testosterone pellets usually increase sex drive and sex performance. Testosterone is also responsible for an amazing array of physiological functions in men. Low-T symptoms include feeling weaker, low stamina, and low sex drive. So safe testosterone replacement improves general alertness, energy, and mental sharpness. Low-T levels also increase abdominal fat, and increase the diabetes risk. And yes, low T is definitely associated with lower libido and reduced sexual function.

Does testosterone increase energy? Low energy, no motivation, increases in body fat and napping aren’t just from normal aging. Testosterone pellets get rid of many symptoms of “aging”, which suggests they aren’t signs of aging at all, but of progressively lower testosterone.

So what does it feel like when levels are improved with testosterone pellets or testosterone injections? About 90% of men say they feel better after bioidentical hormone replacement, but pinning them down to exactly what’s better is harder. About 80% feel more energy and stamina; most notice improved muscle mass after pellets and an easier time losing fat around the middle; about 3/4 have better erections and sexual function. But most often, there’s a general sense of overall improvement.

Yesterday a patient came in saying he felt the testosterone pellets “worked great,” but had a hard time describing exactly why. In the end, he summed it up by saying, “I just feel like I’m back in the game, you know?” Testosterone levels are easy to test by a simple blood draw in our RegenCen offices in Naples, Traverse City and Petoskey. Dr. Gustav Lo leads a team of collaborative medical providers who are focused on hormone replacement and optimizing how we live and feel. Dr. Lo was in primary care for over 30 years and has been treating low testosterone levels for over two decades.

Yes, I do!