What’s the secret to looking and feeling younger? NAD.

Dr. Lo NAD IV Benefits

With normal aging, certain physical changes are simply inevitable. For decades forgetfulness, cloudy thinking or ‘brain fog’, weakness, overwhelming tiredness and loss of motivation have been accepted as part of that inevitability.

Research has found that there’s one vital element in the body that is responsible for many of these changes – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). As we age, our bodies produces less NAD. But once levels are restored, it can have remarkable anti-aging benefits. These anti-aging benefits allow you to look and feel like you used to. This advancement in modern medicine allows us to have a solution. 

What is NAD?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in every cell of the body. This coenzyme or “helper” molecule is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, especially cellular energy production in the mitochondria – the “powerhouse” of our cells.

Since NAD is essential to the creation of energy in the body, declining levels are associated with reduced energy and stamina, as well as poor regulation of other pivotal cellular processes. Low levels of NAD in the body directly affect metabolic processes resulting in low cellular energy status. NAD is also required for ‘turning off’ the genes that accelerate aging; the absence of adequate NAD therefore promotes genetically programmed aging.

NAD levels decline with age

The human body does not have an endless supply of NAD. In fact, total body stores of NAD decline steadily with age. This age-related decrease in NAD causes defects in both energy and gene-repair functions. As time slowly depletes our youthful levels of NAD, IV NAD+ infusions can help.


NAD IV Therapy

Does NAD help with Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremor, slow movement, and poor coordination and balance. This disease is associated with low NAD levels in the body. Medical research has shown NAD IV therapy can be helpful in many cases or Parkinson’s disease, improving movement, balance, and reducing or eliminating the need for medication. Although NAD doesn’t help in all Parkinson’s disease cases, virtually no side effects are reported in clinical research trials, so many Parkinson’s disease sufferers see little downside to trying NAD IV therapy to reduce their symptoms (especially if it can reduce reliance on drug therapy, which is notorious for side effects in Parkinson’s patients).

What NAD+ IV therapy could do for you

NAD+ IV therapy restores many body functions at a cellular level. It has the power to increase energy, enhance brain function, and boost your overall well-being. Unlike oral supplements and medications, NAD+ IV therapy has a 100% absorption rate, providing immediate benefits. 

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