Testosterone Replacement for Men

Tiredness. More naps. Lower libido. Less “get up and go.” These are men’s most typical complaints of aging. The funny thing is, they aren’t necessarily from getting older – many are due to declining testosterone or “low T”. It’s not just low testosterone that causes men to feel lousy. DHEA, pregnenalone, and reduced thyroid function also contribute.

I’ve been doing male hormone replacement to some degree for the past 15 years. Initially I was cautious, only suggesting it in very obvious cases, and replacing only to levels typical for the patient’s age group. But recent research has convinced me that testosterone replacement should be almost universal – for both men and women as we age. Every single one of us suffers the effects of reduced hormone levels as we age, and not just what we feel – it’s what we risk too. Read on…

Probably the best studied hormone replacement for men is testosterone. At RegenCen, we correct testosterone levels to young normals (about double the typical 60 year old levels) using testosterone pellets. Every single man will experience metabolic improvements: it’s easier to build muscle and to burn fat, physical stamina is improved, and so does muscle mass and bone density. That’s definitely healthier, and some guys notice a couple less pounds of fat and a little more muscle. What they DO notice is more energy and feeling like they used to. About 90% report more energy and motivation within 6 weeks. 3/4 get a better sex drive and erections, and most men notice the improvement in physical stamina and alertness.

There are less obvious gains too. Memory is measurably better. So are general alertness, reflexes, and reaction time. Sleep quality often improves, so there’s less daytime drowsiness and napping. The most common thing we hear is, “I just feel better, I’m more positive, I have more energy, I’m motivated again…”

I’m actually happy when male patients come in complaining of these symptoms, because they’re looking for a solution, and we have it. But what if you “feel fine” like most guys tell me during their physicals. Energy? Fine. Stamina? Fine. Erection function? Fine. OK, so you feel fine. But would you like to reduce your risk of osteoporosis to near zero? Are you pre-diabetic? Testosterone helps prevent diabetes too. What about cutting your chances of Alzheimer’s disease? Improving your cardiovascular function? You may not feel these risks, but you sure will feel the consequences.

Most men who “feel fine” are missing the boat. Research very clearly shows major risk reductions with hormone replacement, but nobody is going to suggest it. And slowly but surely hormones fade and vitality slips away, replaced by medications for maladies that may have been prevented.

That’s the real promise of bioidentical hormones: you don’t just feel younger, your body behaves younger too, staving off some of the main diseases of aging. Hormone levels are easy to evaluate at RegenCen – a quick blood draw will tell you your testosterone level and give you a choice – and give you an opportunity age better and healthier than any generations before us.

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