The Growing Popularity of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Oh! Shot

Over 50% of women have either vaginal dryness or bladder control issues and many women have both after menopause. The treatments for vaginal dryness and bladder control are neck in neck in terms of what brings people into our regenerative medical centers in northern Michigan. And fortunately there’s a lot of overlap in treatments – so it’s possible to do one type of feminine rejuvenation treatment and get improvement in both dryness and bladder control. The O Shot, MorpheusV, FormaV, VTone and the Oh! Shot help both – not to mention the improvement in dryness and bladder leakage women report with bioidentical hormone replacement.

Hormonal depletions start in the mid to late 30’s but the only symptom may be difficulty falling sleep. Physical symptoms like less intense orgasms and dryness after menopause, or peeing when sneezing take awhile. For others, they’ve been peeing when they sneezing or laugh since they had a baby and they never thought it could improve or go away unless they had surgery.

Our patient testimonials are so exciting every single day we can hardly believe it. Women stop wearing panty liners and they jump, laugh, and sneeze without leaking. They can drink water and coffee on a road trip without having to stop and pee every hour. And oftentimes sexual arousal or difficulty achieving orgasms isn’t what brings women to our office but it’s the extra bonus for sure. In fact with MorpheusV, their partners often notice the change, too. Really – they can’t believe it’s true!

Is the O Shot painful? What about the PRF Oh! Shot or Morpheus V? Believe it or not, there’s hardly any physical pain with vaginal rejuvenation (vaginal atrophy, dryness during intercourse and chronic UTI’s from aging vaginas are more painful). And don’t worry – your vagina is normal – everyone always worries about that!

You can start your game changing vaginal treatments for dryness, urge incontinence, and stress incontinence easily at RegenCen. Set up a consultation online or call and then we email some history forms to complete. At your initial consultation, one of our female Physician Associates will go through all your symptoms and medical history. Once we’re confident we can help you, we recommend a good, better, best treatment plan scenario – because honestly if it weren’t for cost pretty much all women would benefit from our top 4 treatments – FormaV, MorpheusV, VTone and the Oh! Shot. But we will select one or a combination based on your symptoms and exam.

Ultimately our goal is to get the word out. Women constantly say, “My mother had this, too.” Well guess what – you don’t have to! We have surgery-free solutions that really change people’s lives.