Percentage of Women with Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness is surprisingly common at all ages. About 20% of women over 18 have dryness, about 30% suffer through it during the perimenopausal years and most women have dryness after menopause. And it’s not just during intercourse – it can be uncomfortable – irritated, dry, painful all the time like arthritis or other aging conditions. And make wearing a tampon impossible. It even causes external vaginal skin conditions such as lichen sclerosus, which can be extremely uncomfortable. It just wears on women and it can really affect relationships or the confidence to seek a relationship.

The cause is generally hormonal or simple aging. Hormonal treatments help, but a lot of women can’t or don’t want to take hormones. Our treatments can be done with or without hormone replacement. And we have a really high satisfaction rate-over 90%.

We make it as comfortable as possible – you set up a consultation online or call and then we email some history forms to complete. At your initial consultation, one of our female Physician Associates go through your medical history and recommend a treatment plan. We have the best and most effective treatments including platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), FormaV, and MorpheusV. These can be done with or without hormones to rejuvenate the tissue. The treatments all actually create new, youthful cells so your vagina can FEEL and FUNCTION like it used to.

We have medical providers who just treat below the waist so the experience is comfortable and easy. The treatments take only about a half hour. Lubrication usually starts to return within a few weeks and the results last about a year. Women just schedule annual maintenance treatments or treatments when symptoms begin to occur again.

We perform similar radiofrequency and platelet treatments on the face at Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center, our aesthetic division, and women can actually see in the mirror their skin getting firmer and smoother. So we have a number of younger women who want FormaV at a younger age simply to maintain the elasticity, lubrication, and firmness of their vaginal canal and labia.

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